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Junkyung laughed, eyes still onto the floor. “I guess you can say that then.” Bringing a hand up to rub his nose, he glanced at Sky. Was she freezing? Junkyung observed her a little longer, it was hard to spot her goosebumps under the poor light but when he brought his eyes up to her lips, it was shivering and blue. He thought about shedding his jacket for her but somehow he felt awkward.

“So what brought you to start off with a club? Out of all places. You could have gone for an audition, I’m sure you’re still eligible for those.” Junkyung couldn’t imagine if it was her dream to sing in a club, where all the drunks never took note of her sweet humming. If Junkyung had to count, he — and along with the sober employees in Haru — was the only one who actually appreciated her on the platform they called a stage. It wasn’t even at least nice-looking to be called a stage. If it wasn’t close to midnight, he would bring her to an agency right now.

Still walking, Junkyung wondered when they would reach her house. Gulping down the weird emotions, he shrugged off his jacket and wrapped it around her. “Here.” His hands lingered on her shoulder longer than it should be and when he drew them back, he felt something within melting. It was a painful feeling at first but as it got warmer inside, it felt like cool water to a burning bruise. Falling into curious thought, Junkyung stared at Sky as if searching for the answer in her. What was this feeling?

Haneul smiled and clapped in joy. “I’m special.” She giggled like a child and looked down on the floor and stuffed her hands into her pockets. It’s been a while since she’s laughed so freely. He helped her feel special, and she liked the feeling she got when he was with her, she seemed comfortable.

She looked up at the sky and pondered for a second, why did she end up at a club again? Oh right. Her parents. “If I tried out for some big agency then there’d be a greater chance of my parents finding out and figuring out where I live. You see, I ran away from home to pursue my dream of being an artist but I was too scared to do any job larger than working at Haru. It’s safer there for me.” She let out a sigh and saw the white huff of breath come out of her mouth. “I’d love to join some big entertainment company but I want to keep in secrecy of my parents, I don’t want to see them yet after… the accident.” She forced back tears as thoughts of Hajin came back up and forced a smile on her face. “I’m fine though. I’m sure I can forgive my parents soon enough for me to stand on a bigger stage.. hopefully.”

Turning the corner, Haneul caught sight of her apartment. She was still shivering when she felt a jacket wrap around her shoulder and his hands on one. She whispered a slight thank you and instantly warmed up a bit. “Ah, but we’re almost here, I’ll be inside real soon.” They climbed up the stairs of the apartment building and came to a stop in front of her door. “Thank you for walking me home, it was really nice talking to you.” She was about to walk into her home when a thought stopped her. “Haneul. Kim Haneul. That’s my real name.” 

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    She wasn’t too sure if she was making him uncomfortable or not so she just cleared her throat. “Oh, sorry. I have a...
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    Junkyung figured he shouldn’t bring up all what Sky had just said. It seemed like a painful memory in her eyes....

singing to the skies.

I live by the name of Kim Haneul and have been for the past 21 years. A big fetish for skies and the color blue. Although I go by Singing Sky at the night club Haru

Always having a necklace on with a pendant of the sky and a song note to represent one of the love ones she's lost.

"I want to fly up in the skies noona. Like the birds. They seem so free. I want to be free in life too." - Kim Hajin's last words to Haneul.